Domestic Flight Ticket

Nepal’s mountainous terrain makes it difficult to join places with road networks. Hence, despite being a poor country, Nepal is perhaps the only country in the world where air travel is not a luxury but a necessity. Especially, there is no any alternative for travel by air to remote mountain areas except walking on foot.

Until recently, only the National Carrier Nepal Airlines used to fly to a handful of destinations. After the private sector was allowed operation, there has been a considerable improvement in the area of domestic air travel. Similarly, many International Airlines either fly directly to Kathmandu, or Via Bangkok or Delhi.

Still, travelers complain of lack of enough air tickets & delay schedules especially during the peak season (September to January). Hence, it’s advisable to make reservation well ahead before embarking on your travel to make sure of getting the air tickets.

Kindly let us know while planning your trip if you wish to arrange for your air travels through us.