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Tourism in Nepal is flourishing, offering a diverse array of experiences. The country showcases a spectrum of seasons, making it a year-round destination. It’s a harmonious blend of various ethnicities, languages, religions, and cultures. The tapestry of festivals, customs, and traditions from different communities enriches the experience. Nepal’s charm lies in its natural marvels – meandering rivers, peaceful lakes, fascinating caves, and lush forests. With the grandeur of the Himalayan glaciers, cascading waterfalls, and verdant woodlands, the landscape exudes a heavenly charm. Amidst this, the cultural heritage sites stand as testaments to Nepal’s history, offering a glimpse into its rich past. Nepal Travel Info is listed below:

Nepal Travel Info

How to get to Nepal?

Nestled in Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport stands as Nepal’s sole international gateway. Currently, two additional international airports exist; however, there are no operational flights at this time. The Tribhuvan International Airport forms direct links with UAE, India, and Southeast Asia, along with convenient access to Druk Airlines from Bhutan. Alternatively, overland routes from India provide another pathway to reach the vibrant landscapes of Nepal.

Best time to visit Nepal

Visit Nepal between March to May and September to November for the best exploration as the skies are clear and the breathtaking landscapes. These seasons are ideal for city tours, sightseeing, and mountain trekking. Experience the diverse weather and captivating attraction year-round, whether it’s the lush vibrancy of spring, crisp autumn air, or serene winter snow capes. Nepal’s cultural festivals and warm hospitality enhance every visit. Plan conveniently using the provided reference table to embrace the country’s changing beauty and create lasting memories amidst its remarkable landscapes and rich heritage.

Months                                            Highlights

March to May (Spring)               Blossoming flora, pleasant temperatures, vibrant festivals

Sept to Nov (Autumn)                Clear skies, moderate climate, peak trekking season

Dec to Feb (Winter)                    Snow-clad mountains, peaceful ambiance, best city tours

June to August (Monsoon)       Lush greenery, occasional showers, cultural experiences

Nepal in Autumn Season

September, October, and November are the best seasons to visit Nepal for tours and trekking activities. Nepal welcomes splendid clear skies and views as the monsoon goes away in September. October and November are the best two months to visit as dry days make it easier for trekking and provide beautiful views. This is the best time to visit Everest and Annapurna Areas.

Nepal in Winter Season

From late December to February, the temperature is pleasing during the day but falls significantly during the night. But festival tours are best experienced during the winter season. If you are a film lover, you should visit the Kathmandu international film festival in December every year.

Nepal in Spring Season

March, April, and May are the best times to visit as the rhododendron blooms over the forests. Days are longer during March and May, making it suitable for trekking and peak climbing. Nepal in spring offers festivals like Buddha Jayanti, Holi, and Nepali New Year. Temperature and weather are just perfect during the season.

Nepal in Monsoon Season

June, July, and August are the low seasons, so it is the best time to enjoy peace, away from crowds of tourists. Rains often occur at night, giving beautiful scenery in the morning. You may visit the upper Mustang and Dolpo areas and enjoy longer holidays. Trekking should not be preferred during the season, but you may do city sightseeing.

  Travel seasons  Min-Max Temperature(°C)   Season
  December- February   3-19(°C)   Winter
  March-May   8-28(°C)   Spring
  June – August   18-30(°C)   Monsoon
  September – November   18-27(°C)   Autumn


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