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Welcome to our team of experienced drivers who ensure safe and enjoyable journeys for our customers. Learn more about the skilled professionals who make your trips memorable.

1. Mahendra Ghale

Mahendra Ghale is a skilled driver from Nepal with over 10 years of experience. He can drive cars, jeeps, and buses, especially on tough off-road routes. He has successfully tackled challenging routes like those in Muktinath-Mustang, Kathmandu-Gorkha, Siddhartha highway, Araniko highway, Prithvi highway, Mahendra highway and Manang, which are known for their dangerous terrain. Mahendra’s expertise makes him a trusted driver in difficult situations.

Current vehicle driven by him : Toyota Hiace- BA 1 PA 1369

Driving Experience:- More than 10 years

Address:-  Dhading, Nepal

2. Rajan Bhandari

Rajan Bhandari is a professional Hiace and car driver with over 15 years of experience in kathmandu, Nepal. He’s known for his expertise in navigating challenging Nepalese highways, including Siddhartha, Araniko, Prithvi, and Mahendra highways. Rajan is friendly, polite, and has completed over 500 trips with excellent reviews, making him a trusted choice for tourists and foreigners seeking a memorable journey.

The vehicle driven by him : Hiace BA 1 PA 1205

Driving Experience:- more than 15 years

Address :- Dhading, Nepal

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