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Tourist Vehicle Service

The bus can accommodate 25-39 people, including the driver. The touring bus is very pleasant and has plenty of space inside. It offers a higher seating posture that allows you to get a better perspective and enjoy sightseeing. For long and short excursions within Nepal, we provide a comfortable Sutlej bus with comfortable folding seats and air conditioning. We also provide assistance with loading and unloading your bags.

  • Sutlej Bus: Maximum capacity of 35 passengers, including the driver
  • Mini Bus: Maximum capacity of 25 passengers, including the driver
  • Big Bus: Maximum capacity of 35-40 passengers, including the driver.


Features & Facilities

  • Maximum of 39 people including the driver
  • Air condition and heating system
  • Well experienced driver
  • Helper
  • Clean seat
  • Latest module vehicle
  • Fan airbags
  • Insurance
  • First-aids
  • Music to groove along

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