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Our company, which rents cars, jeeps, and other on-road and off-road vehicles, has established specific terms and conditions to ensure consistency in our services and within the company as a whole. These rules and regulations must be agreed to and upheld by all users of our services. They serve as a guide for understanding our company’s protocols and procedures.

Company Policy

  • Here are some of the terms and conditions of our company for creating an open communication channel to hear from our clients and keep them informed on the company’s policies.
  • When you rent a vehicle from us, you’ll be provided with a driver to ensure the safe and proper use of the vehicle. However, please note that the vehicle may not be used for activities such as racing, driving lessons, sports training, or any paid services. We do not offer independent vehicle rental without a driver, as self-driving is not permitted in Nepal.
  • It’s important to follow traffic laws and regulations while using our vehicles. Any fines incurred due to breaking speed limits or violating traffic rules will be the responsibility of the renter. The vehicle will be provided with all necessary documents and papers, and in good condition.
  • If for any reason the vehicle is not functioning properly, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle as soon as possible. Additionally, for day return vehicles, it is important to return the vehicle to its station on time to avoid extra charges.

Payment Policy

  • We require a 20% advance payment to confirm your vehicle conformation,
  • The payment can be done by Bank Transfer or via money transfer agents,
  • You can pay the rest amount in our office in Kathmandu before starting the trip. You can settle your bill in US Dollars, other convertible currency, or equivalent Nepalese Rupees.

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