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Tourist Vehicle Service

When renting a vehicle, cost plays a vital role. We offer you rental vehicles at a reasonable price with our standard rate list. If possible, we can also give special discounts to you.

Renting Vehicles in Kathmandu is easy as a Rental Vehicle service by Tourist Vehicle Service is there for you. Our drivers have years of experience and know the places in and out. They all are certified drivers and follow all the driving laws, rules, and regulations strictly. Our drivers can easily tackle uncertainties and difficulties and make your travel journey easy.

We have varieties of vehicle options depending on your destinations and group size. We assure you of a relaxed traveling experience and ensure you that our vehicles are fully insured including passengers’ insurance.

We provide you with 24/7 service with our friendly and punctual drivers. Remember us for any type of renting a vehicle (car, bus, 4WD jeep, coaster, HiAce, van) at a reasonable price for comfortable and hassle-free travel. Booking with us is easy and the payment system is swift with fewer formalities.

The rate list for various routes are tabulated below:

1. Airport and Night stop Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Arrival/Departure (Only 2 hours)20002500300040005000
2. Mountain Flight/Culture Programme/Dinner (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600
3. Night Stay / Per Night30004500525075008250
4. Disposal Charge Per hours (Minimun 4 hours)660990115516501815

2. Kathmandu Half Day Sightseeing (Only 4 hours, 40 KM)

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Pashupati/Patan only24003600420060006600
2. Half Day Pashupati/Bouddha only24003600420060006600
3. Half Day Pashupati/Bouddha/Swayambhu only24003600420060006600
4. Half Day Kathmandu City/Swayambhu only24003600420060006600
5. Half Day Patan/Kathmandu City only24003600420060006600

3. Kathmandu Full Day Sight Seeing ( Only 8 hours)

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Full Day Pashupati/Bouddha/Patan/Kathmandu City4800720084001200013200
2. Full Day Pashupati/Bouddha/Bhaktapur4800720084001200013200
3. Full Day Pashupati/Bouddha/Kathmandu City/Swayambhu4800720084001200013200

4. Dakshinkali, Kirtipur Route (Only 4 hours, 40 KM)

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Kirtipur/Chovar only28204230493570507755
2. Full Day Dakshinkali/Kirtipur/Chovar 8 Hours only5400810094501350014850
3. Half Day Dakshinkali only36005400630090009900
4. Half Day Hattiban only40004230493570507755

5. Godawari Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half-Day Godawari (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755
2. Lakuri Bhanjyang4800720084001200013200
3. Phulchowki only66009900115501650018150

6. Gokarna/Sankhu/Sundarijal Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Gokarna (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600
2. Half-Day Sankhu (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755
3. Half-Day Sundarijal (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755
5. Half-Day Kapan (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600

7. Budhanilkantha Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Budhanilkantha (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600
2. Half Day Budhanilkantha/Shivapuri Gate (Only 8 hours)4800720084001200013200

8. Bajra Barahi/Chapagaun/Bungamati Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Bajra Barahi/Chapagaun (Only 5 hours)30004230493570507755
2. Half Day Bungamati/Khokana (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755

9. Bhaktapur/Changunarayan/Nagarkot Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Bhaktapur25003600420060006600
2. Half Day Changunarayan30004230493570507755
3. Nagarkot4800720084001200013200
4. Bhaktapur/Changunarayan4800720084001200013200
5. Bhaktapur/Nagarkot5400810094501350014850
7. Bhaktapur/Changunarayan/Nagarkot60009000105001500016500

10. Sanga/Dhulikhel/Panauti Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Sanga30004230493570507755
2. Half Day Dhulikhel36005400630090009900
3. Dhulikhel/Khawa (6 hours)390058506825975010725
4. Dhulikhel/Bhaktapur (6 hours)4200630073501050011550
5. Panauti (8 hours)4800720084001200013200
6. Dhulikhel/Panauti (8 hours)4800720084001200013200

11. Balaju,Nagarjuna/Kakani/Trishuli/Dhunche/Syabrubesi Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Nagarjuna4800720084001200013200
3. Kathmandu to Kakani4800720084001200013200
5. Kathmandu to Trishuli15063009450110251575017325
6. Kathmandu to Dhunchhe2501050015750183752625028875
7. Kathmandu to Syabrubesi2801176017640205802940032340

12. Kathmandu to Namobuddha/Barhabishe/Tatopani/Chautara Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Namobuddha11459858978104741496316459
2. Kathmandu to Palanchowk Bhagwati130682510238119441706318769
4. Kathmandu to Dolalghat12565639844114841640618047
5. Kathmandu to Melamchi160840012600147002100023100
6. Kathmandu to Barhabishe185971314569169972428126709
7. Kathmandu to Tatopani Border200840012600147002100023100
8. Kathmandu to Chautara190798011970139651995021945

13. Kathmandu to Kodari/Jiri Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Kodari Drop2281197017955209482992532918
2. Kathmandu to Charikot/Bhimeshwar Drop2781459521893255413648840136
3. Kathmandu to Jiri Drop3781984529768347294961354574

14. Kathmandu to Daman/Simbhanjyang/Hetauda Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Daman/Simbhanjyang Drop180945014175165382362525988
2. Kathmandu to Hetauda Drop4681965629484343984914054054
3. Chitwan to Daman4800720084001200013200

15. Kathmandu to Charaudi/Mugling/Machan Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Charaudi Drop 182 7644 11466 13377 19110 21021
2. Kathmandu to Fishling Drop200840012600147002100023100
3. Kathmandu to Dhading Drop195819012285143332047522523
4. Kathmandu to Kuringhat Drop210882013230154352205024255
5. Kathmandu to Manakamana Drop215903013545158032257524833
6. Kathmandu to Mugling Drop230966014490169052415026565
7. Kathmandu to Chitwan Gaighat Drop2801176017640205802940032340
8. Kathmandu to Chitwan Jugedi Drop2901218018270213153045033495
9. Kathmandu to Narayanghat Drop3121310419656229323276036036
10. Kathmandu to Sauraha Drop3501470022050257253675040425
11. Kathmandu to Jungle Lodge/Narayanisafari/Machan Paradise Drop3701554023310271953885042735
12. Kathmandu to Machan Drop3901638024570286654095045045

16. Kathmandu to Hetauda/Birgunj/Janakpur Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Hetauda Drop4681965629484343984914054054
2. Kathmandu to Birgunj Drop5562335235028408665838064218
3. Kathmandu to Janakpur7503150047250551257875086625
4. Kathmandu to Gaur6602772041580485106930076230
5. Kathmandu to Malangwa6822864442966501277161078771
6. Kathmandu to Udayapur/Gaighat89437548563226570993870103257

17. Kathmandu to Biratnagar/Dharan/Kakarvitta Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Biratnagar1082454446816679527113610124971
2. Kathmandu to Sindhuli Bardibas7223032445486530677581083391
3. Kathmandu to Lahan87036540548106394591350100485
4. Kathmandu to Kakarvitta1220512407686089670128100140910
6. Kathmandu to Dharan1087456546848179895114135125549
7. Kathmandu to Dhankuta1182496447446686877124110136521
8. Dhankuta to Hile (Local trip )4016802520294042004620
9. Kathmandu to Ilam1360571208568099960142800157080
10. Kathmandu to Pashupati Nagar1310550208253096285137550151305

18. Round Trips

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Pokhara Muglin via Chitwan , Lumbini 4 Night / 5 Days858480367205484063120090132099
2. Kathmandu to Pokhara / Tansen / Palpa / Lumbini / Chitwan 4 Night / 5 Days750435006525076125108750119625

19. Kathmandu to Meghauli/Island/Tharu Village/Temple Tiger Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Meghauli Drop37023310271953885042735
2. Kathmandu to Island Drop39024570286654095045045
3. Kathmandu to Tharu Village / Temple Tiger Drop41025830301354305047355

20. Kathmandu to Butwal/Bhairahawa/Lumbini Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Butwal Drop5422276434146398375691062601
2. Kathmandu to Bhairahawa Sunauli Drop6002520037800441006300069300
3. Kathmandu to Lumbini6302646039690463056615072765
4. Lumbini to Tilaurakot5021003150367552505775
5. Kathmandu to Tansen/Palpa6302646039690463056615072765

21. Kathmandu to Krishna Nagar/Nepalgunj/Bardiya/Dhangadi Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Krishna Nagar7303066045990536557665084315
2. Kathmandu to Nepalgunj1050441006615077175110250121275
3. Kathmandu to Dang89037380560706541593450102795
4. Kathmandu to Bardiya National Park1160487207308085260121800133980
5. Kathmandu to Mahendra Nagar14205964089460104370149100164010
6. Kathmandu to Dhangadi1330558608379097755139650153615

22. Kathmandu to Mugling/Gorkha/Dumre/Pokhara Route

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Kathmandu to Aabukhaireni Drop2441024815372179342562028182
2. Aabukhaireni to Gorkha Drop ( Local trip )5221843276382254606006
3. Kathmandu to Gorkha Drop2961243218648217563108034188
4. Kathmandu to Dumre Drop2901218018270213153045033495
5. Kathmandu to Beshisahar drop3801596023940279303990043890
6. Kathmandu to Bandipur Drop3001260018900220503150034650
8. Kathmandu to Pokhara Drop4101722025830301354305047355
9. Kathmandu to Nayapul Drop4952079031185363835197557173
10. Kathmandu to Baglung Drop5582343635154410135859064449
11. Kathmandu to Beni Drop5742410836162421896027066297
12. Kathmandu to Syangja/Waling Drop5442284834272399845712062832
13. Mugling to Pokhara Drop190798011970139651995021945

23. Others

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
Every Place Over Night Stay Per Night30004500525075008250
Full-Day Disposal 8 Hours After 8 Hours Per Hours9901485173324752723
Disposal Charge Per Hour660990115516501815
Per KM running Charge426374105116
Within Ring Road Tour Officer/Guide Pick Up/Drop600900105015001650

Things to Consider

Our rate list come with some conditions. Our clients must keep following things under consideration before booking with us.

  1. Disposal Time Minimum Half Day Charge (4 Hours).
  2. Arrival/Departure/Disposal after 8 pm, will be Multiply by 1.5, and after 12 AM Midnight will be double
  3. Includes A/C and other Facilities available in vehicles
  4. 13% Vat will be excluded from this rate.
  5. The cars Rate will be 1 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 1 – 3 Pax)
  6. Van Rate will be 1.5 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 4 – 6 Pax)
  7. Jeep Rate will be 1.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 4 – 6 Pax)
  8. HiAce Rate will be 1.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 7 – 14 Pax)
  9. Mini Bus Rate will be 2.5 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 15 – 25 Pax)
  10. The Coaster Rate will be 2.25 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 15 – 20 Pax)
  11. Bus Rate will be 2.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 25 -35 Pax)

Updated Rate list on May 1, 2022, as the rate of Petrol 160 per liter & Diesel 143 per liter

Rate List

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