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We, Tourist Vehicle Service offer you a Salinadi Tour Swasthani Puja Vehicle Rental Service. Salinadi at Sankhu is an ancient Newari town located in the northeast corner of Kathmandu Valley, just 17 km from the popular tourist hub of Thamel. It takes only an hour to reach the town by car. Sankhu is also known as Shankharapur and is famous for its ancient Sankha-shaped town structure. The month of Magh in the Nepalese calendar is an especially attractive time to visit Salinadi for Hindu devotees.

Hindus in Nepal worship the goddess Swasthani during this time and many take part in fasting for a month to worship the goddess. The town of Sankhu is also famous for the Salinadi Mela festival, which takes place annually. The festival starts on the first full-moon day of Poush (January) in the Salinadi Temple.

Sankhu is also a great starting point for hiking to Nagarkot‘s viewpoint. The trek takes only 3-4 hours and offers stunning views of the evergreen natural surroundings and the majestic Himalayan mountain range. Visitors can also learn about the Newar community’s customs and traditions during their visit to Salinadi. One of the main attractions of Salinadi is the Salinadi Temple, where the annual Salinadi Mela festival takes place. The festival starts on the first full-moon day of Poush (January), the ninth month of the Nepalese calendar. During the festival, devotees worship the goddess Swasthani and read the story of her. Many Hindu devotees also take fasting for a month and perform rituals at the temple.

Salinadi is also known for the Swasthani Puja, a month-long fasting period where many Nepalese Hindu women pray for the prosperity of their husbands, while unmarried women pray for an ideal husband in the future. The fast is broken only once a day, and the devotees take a holy bath in the morning and wear freshly washed clothes.

Salinadi is also famous for the Salinadi River, where many devotees take ritual baths during the month of Magh. It is believed that taking a bath in the river will remove all sins and bad activities.

Sankhu, Salinadi is also a great place for hiking, with a trek to Nagarkot’s viewpoint taking only 3-4 hours. The route offers stunning views of the evergreen natural surroundings and the majestic Himalayan mountain range. The viewpoint at Nagarkot is also a great spot to catch the sunrise and sunset.

Hence, Salinadi is a unique destination that provides visitors with a chance to discover the rich culture and traditions of the Newar community, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. It is a must-visit for anyone looking for a different kind of travel experience.

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Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Gokarna (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600
2. Half-Day Sankhu (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755
3. Half-Day Sundarijal (Only 4 hours)30004230493570507755
5. Half-Day Kapan (Only 4 hours)24003600420060006600

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