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Enjoy Car / Jeep /Van / HiAce / Coaster / Bus ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot

12 Mar 2023 Tourist Vehicle Service


Are you excited about Nagarkot, Changu Narayan, and Bhaktapur Sightseeing? So, with Tourist Vehicle Service come and enjoy Car / Jeep /Van / HiAce / Coaster / Bus ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. We provide all kinds of rental vehicles of different brands and styles suitable for all group sizes.

Nagarkot is the nearest hill station to Kathmandu. It is nearly 27km away from Kathmandu. Nagarkot is famous for viewing sunrise & sunset over snow-covered mountains. The peaceful environment, natural greenery, and stunning mountain views add beauty. It is a popular destination and most visitors stay overnight to enjoy the sunset and sunrise views.

We return from Nagarkot and we take a short visit to one of the oldest temples Changu Narayan in Nepal. It takes about 40 minute to get there. This temple has a deity of Lord Vishnu. The temple has one of the finest architecture. This traditional Nepali temple has many deities and sculptures of Lord Shiva, Astha Matrika, Chinnamasta, Kileshwor, and Krishna inside the courtyard.

Then, we head to Bhaktapur for a half-day Bhaktapur sightseeing. Bhaktapur is an ancient town popular for its Durbar square, 55-window palace, Golden Gate, and several architectural structures. The art and architecture of Bhaktapur Durbar Square look very impressive.

(Note: You can also choose Nagarkot Tour only.)

We, Tourist Vehicle Service are a reputed and trusted Rental Vehicle company satisfying customers for several years. Our rental vehicle includes an experienced driver and fuel along with top-notch quality service. Our all rental vehicles are well-maintained, spacious, comfortable, and luxurious.

Enjoy Car / Jeep /Van / HiAce / Coaster / Bus ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot.

We have listed below the rental vehicle types and their benefits:

Car Rental for Nagarkot

Car rental is the best choice for a small group or family. 3-4 people can easily fit in the car excluding the driver. Enjoy a luxurious ride to Nagarkot with your family or loved ones. Toyota, Suzuki, Sedan, Tata, Hyundai, and Skoda are some brand car options for you.

Jeep Rental for Nagarkot

Jeep rental is another good choice for a trip to Nagarkot. With a group of 5-6, admiring the natural beauty on the uphill and zigzag roads, ride to Nagarkot. Scorpio jeep gives great company for a smooth ride.

Van Rental for Nagarkot

Van rental is good for 6 group sizes. The big and spacious vehicle provides you with full comfort. The surrounding scenery adds beauty to your ride. We have KIA and Suzuki EECO brand vans for you.

HiAce Rental for Nagarkot

HiAce rental is a popular choice for a group of 6-12 group sizes. A mini-vacation to Nagarkot can be done by renting HiAce as it is big, comfortable, and luxurious. Enjoy a Toyota HiAce ride grooving with the music and creating fun memories with a group or family.

Coaster Rental for Nagarkot

Coaster rental is a perfect choice for a group of 22. We have a Toyota coaster rental for you which is very comfortable, and spacious. It has the newest technology feature like an easy-to-board style for additional luggage.  It is beneficial especially to travel with family and kids. Get a pleasurable ride experience and enjoy the scenic views throughout the ride.

Bus Rental for Nagarkot

Bus rental is obviously for a large number of passengers. We have Sutlej, Mini, and Big bus options which can accommodate 25-39 passengers including a driver. Sutlej bus has a folding seats facility which provides you with great comfort. Our vehicles have the latest technological facilities. Enjoy an amazing and pleasurable bus ride to Nagarkot.

Enjoy Car/Jeep/Van/HiAce/Coaster/Bus ride from Kathmandu to Nagarkot

The price list from Kathmandu to Nagarkot on various types of vehicles is as follows:

Description of TripsK.MCarVanHiAce/JeepCoasterBus
1. Half Day Bhaktapur25003600420060006600
2. Half Day Changunarayan30004230493570507755
3. Nagarkot4800720084001200013200
4. Bhaktapur/Changunarayan4800720084001200013200
5. Bhaktapur/Nagarkot5400810094501350014850
7. Bhaktapur/Changunarayan/Nagarkot60009000105001500016500

Remember us for all kinds of Rental Vehicles in Kathmandu as well as outside Kathmandu. We are at your service and we also customize the tour to your preference. Contact us for further queries and any required information.

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