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2 Mar 2022 Tourist Vehicle Service


Are you looking for a vehicle to rent? If Yes, then rent a vehicle with Tourist Vehicle Service. We are at your service to provide you with various types of rental vehicles (Car, Van, HiAce, 4WD Jeep, Coaster, Bus). You can rent a vehicle for various purposes like Sightseeing, Airport Transfer, Mountain Flight, trips inside & outside Kathmandu Valley, Weddings, Meetings/Conference, and Workshops.

We have all kinds of vehicles on rent for all group sizes and different stylish branded vehicles. We provide an experienced driver with a rented vehicle. Our rental vehicles are luxurious, highly maintained, & spacious, and have insurance, A/C, safety kits, & airbags.

When you rent a vehicle with Tourist Vehicle Service, there are various packages for you. Some of our famous packages are as follows:

Rara Trip

Swargadwari Darshan

Salnadi Swasthani Puja

Kalinchowk Jeep Tour

Muktinath Jeep Tour

Besides our special packages, we provide our rental vehicle services inside all places of Nepal. You can rent a vehicle and travel from far east to far west all places of Nepal. For different types of vehicles, our rate lists are different. Click here for the rate list of rental vehicles.

Some of the things to remember while renting a vehicle with Tourist Vehicle Service is as follows:

  1. Disposal Time Minimum Half Day Charge (4 Hours).
  2. Arrival/Departure/Disposal after 8 pm, will be Multiply by 1.5, and after 12 AM Midnight will be double
  3. Includes A/C and other Facilities available in vehicles
  4. 13% Vat will be excluded from this rate.
  5. The cars Rate will be 1 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 1 – 3 Pax)
  6. Van Rate will be 1.5 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 4 – 6 Pax)
  7. Jeep Rate will be 1.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 4 – 6 Pax)
  8. HiAce Rate will be 1.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 7 – 14 Pax)
  9. Mini Bus Rate will be 2.5 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 15 – 25 Pax)
  10. The Coaster Rate will be 2.25 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 15 – 20 Pax)
  11. Bus Rate will be 2.75 Car Basis (Seat Capacity 25 -35 Pax)

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